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Call for papers for the special issue (Volume 10): How should social studies contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals? [Uploaded on July 8, 2020]

Don’t forget to submit your paper to JSSEA Vol. 10! In this volume, we are preparing a special issue on the question, “How should social studies contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted in 2015, comprise 17 goals to be reached by 2030 in the move towards a sustainable society. Most of them have the idea of “Think globally, act locally,” and are intended to be applied in all nations and regions. Building a sustainable society and developing its actors are important concerns, not only for education in sustainable development, and environmental and global education, but also for social studies education, including geography, history, and civics. How can social studies education in Asian countries and regions, with their differing values and backgrounds and problems, address SDGs related to a sustainable society? Further, which SDGs or issues does each country’s or region’s social studies education emphasize in building a sustainable society?

In JSSEA vol. 10, a special issue, we propose the theme, “How can social studies contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals?” The purpose of this theme is to discuss strategies to achieve SDGs and a sustainable society in social studies education in Asia.

Any article on social studies education and its related fields, which include history and geography education, political education, global and international education, and citizenship education, are also welcome!

The submission deadline is November 30, 2020. We look forward to reading your work!

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